MusicMaster is the fastest growing music scheduling system in radio, TV, web and retail entertainment.


It generates playlists and helps you control the flow and the balance of your music and video clip programming.


airtime is a web app for online surveys and marketing campaigns. Tailored to the needs of broadcasting businesses.

It's easy to handle, very affordable and it gets you in touch with your audience - the fun way.


mApps is a custom set of individual add ons and tools highly integrated with MusicMaster.


mCloud, mArchive and mVisual assist you in remote scheduling, in system integration and in visualizing content.

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ON AIR provides selected software solutions for broadcasting and new media businesses and offers support and engineering services in this context.

Our worldwide businesses are empowered through an international network of partners who share and believe in our thoughts and principles.

Since 1988 we build the growing ON AIR family with our customers and partners. Come aboard!

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